TexElex2014 is your post-election guide to the midterm statewide races. Scan the results and our notes on what trends are developing in counties across Texas.



Because the election is decided by the total number of votes cast, more-populated counties hold more sway than less-populated ones. This map shows which candidate won each county but also how much more significant some of those results are by adjusting each county's size by its number of residents.

Switching to the "Standard" view returns counties to their normal sizes and boundaries.

Head to Head


Greg Abbott


2,790,227 votes


Wendy Davis


1,832,254 votes

Other candidates received 86,075 votes.

Party Line

These are the five counties that went most heavily for each candidate. Click one to see demographic, economic and other trends that may explain why these counties voted so reliably for one candidate.

Election History

This shows results of previous elections for Governor each time the office has been contested since 1998.