Political Reporting


Backgrounding Like a Boss
From reporter Kate Howard
Profile tips
From Syracuse Professor Charlotte Grimes (emerita)


Sept. 3
Structure tips, profiles, backgrounding, titles and political affiliations


Edwin Bender
Ed Bender is executive director of National Institute on Money in Politics. He is a leading expert on state-level campaign finance issues. Email edwinb@statemoney.org.
Professor Michael Malbin
Executive Director of the Campaign Finance Institute. Has expertise in small donors.
Sheila Krumholz
Expert in federal campaign finance (and related corruption).
Des Moines public affairs firm. Partners John Norris and Bradley Knott are longtime Democratic political hands.
Troy Price
Chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party.
Professor Steffen "Dr. Politics" Schmidt
Iowa State University poli sci professor. The go-to academic for political analysis the state.


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