Daniel Lathrop

Selected clips

Killings of Blacks by Whites Are Far More Likely to Be Ruled ‘Justifiable’
In this project, a collaboration of The New York Times and The Marshall Project, I reported that whites who kill black men are allowed to walk on self-defense claims at an extraordinary rate.
Iowa Isn’t The State Presidential Candidates Pretend It Is
For FiveThirtyEight I spent a month crunching the numbers and found out my adopted state has little in common the state presidential candidates talk about when they're here.
This interactive election results explainer included at lovingly crafted result pseudo-Dorling cartogram. Each race and each county there had a page combining graphics and algorithmically generated text about election results. It won awards from SND and the Texas APME. This link is to the page for the 2014 governor's race.
Carlos Cortez campaign finance
Despite a timid headline in the paper, this story conclusively showed that a Dallas judge had violated campaign finance law accepting excessive contributions from area law firms. It also featured an interview with an elderly, seriously ill woman whose name was being used as his campaign "treasurer" without her knowledge.
How safe is your hospital?
This piece was part of a long-running investigation into hospital safety (largely at Dallas County's Parkland Hospital). The project also included an developing an iPhone app for patients.
Many Texas plants lack safety inspections despite risks, data shows
In this quick-turn investigation I showed that the risks that led to a deadly explosion in a Texas town were common, and that most dangerous facilities had never been inspected.
Open Government
This book, a collection I edited on open government in the digital age, collected work from a wide variety of thought leaders including Aaron Swartz, Carl Malamud and Ellen Miller. We released it on Github in honor of Aaron's untimely death.
The Terrorism Trade-off
This project looked out how the Bush Administration deliberately starved the FBI's criminal enforcement efforts. It won a White House Correspondents Association Edgar A. Poe Award. I've posted it mostly because it's otherwise disappeared down the memory hole. It resulted in the Obama administration adding $1 billion to the FBI's budget.

Open Source

A JavaScript scraping package. I've recently become part of the core team. About 12k monthly downloads and 5k stars on Github.
A JavaScript library for creating interactives from podcasts or other audio. I presented it at C+J 2019. Version 1.0 is coming soon.